Shanghai dragon how to develop your content optimization strategy

every website, whether personal websites, business website, information website, blog, or even online store is to release information. In this case, whether those website owners think, they are actually in the position of the publisher.

if a site for the purpose of sale of the bee products, such as "bee", "bee", or "honey", "honeycomb" and "honeycomb" should belong to the site of the information on the page. Make a plan to regularly update the content. Of course, the daily update is the best, but the weekly or monthly update is acceptable. The content should be focused on in a relatively gather and target areas. The content of the website is the purpose of education, to inform and inspire visitors, as well as the search engine spiders provide site trying to accomplish sales or. If you can’t write this, consider hiring a person to help you to write.

– search to find your keywords should appear in your writing, of course, the ideal is likely to appear in the page to the up position.

– like newspapers and magazines, you should be updated regularly and frequently updated, people should more easily understand your paragraphs, but not in the long and long lost words out of order.

– good content should be carefully written. Should contain as little as possible mistakes. Of course, if there is no spelling mistakes.

want to optimize the site in the natural flow in the ranking? You’d better put yourself as a publisher to look at. If you have a website, then you are in the release of information about your business, your products and services, you fishing passion, you most love the menu. Once you decide the information across the Internet and a large community share, not only your family and friends, then you should strategically consider the content of your website. Good, strong, relevant content, in addition, good writing will make a huge difference, but also with the passage of time will be higher in the search engine ranking factors. So, what is the content of

remember the most important search optimization motto: "to begin". First。 The focus of search engine is one thing: text. The site every page of words, is the search engine to match the search term basis. They, more close, and then the page will search requests more relevant. There are some creative ways to set up relevant content for the site, and will not increase the website main content built completely from scratch burden. Customer evaluation is an example of this. Recently by the PowerReviews and E-tailing group released a research report showed that the evaluation of nearly 90% American buyers will view other users in the purchase of at least some of the time. Other examples include the enterprise releases (you "


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