Rational view of mature market value of Shanghai Dragon

traffic included

website optimization most want is 1, 2, 3 included, rankings, traffic and traffic, 4, transformation. The four policy can be said to be a mature market in Shanghai dragon website optimization can best embody the value of the local Shanghai dragon mature. What makes this four fish expert by policy to talk about the market value of mature Shanghai dragon.

ranking can be said that now Shanghai Longfeng market the most representative words, many enterprises to the basic goal of Shanghai dragon is the most ER give me a certain keywords do love Shanghai home etc.. It is ranked one of the basic performance of mature Shanghai dragon. What is the ranking of the site ranking drop from the clouds, and the site keyword ranking is also a Shanghai dragon thinking. In fact, to a website ranking is not so difficult, inside + outside force, basically can reach the overdue goal, of course is that everyone can make use of the resources also have a great impact, here we first talk talk about Shanghai dragon on the site do not need to lock. URL ER voted to build the Shanghai dragon needs to take care of is the website only convenient navigation URL, content construction, product user experience, product construction, external bait.

1+1=2, 1+2=3….. This arithmetic pithy formula I think every people who read the book back, really useful. The optimization of our domestic website in Chinese, from 2005 to 2012 for 7 years, the development of Shanghai dragon can not say no, Shanghai dragon role can be said is also more and more enterprises gradually receive and identity. As we are familiar with the search arithmetic as formula, in essence, Chinese now mature accurate and fast market environment, we should take a rational view of the mature market value of Shanghai dragon.

included like a hen egg was born, now in a basket out of selling, this egg is our website, this is the search market basket. The egg inside the basket is the action of website is search engine included. Mature Shanghai dragon is the value in the process of construction site guidance website has easy to be spider web structure index web pages faster, as soon as possible to let most of the site important page is search engine accepted and eventually enter the natural ranking. Is the structure of the site as a Shanghai dragon should do (the physical and logical structure optimization, optimization of the internal links page).


2, ranking

3, traffic and


is a website no one can be said to be a private kitchens, indulge in self-admiration. According to its website for the website, a site on the site, the purpose is to let the user to browse our website, whether the user is not that can lead to the final conversion, website browsing is premise, traffic is very high in the premise of browsing experience, to produce the so-called web site traffic flow, high efficiency. Shanghai dragon brings us "

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