Discussion Mystery of internal optimization webmaster can not know

third, quantification, beware of excessive.


said love love Shanghai sea weight does not exist, but we can’t deny that the weight of all the webmaster tools summed up for optimizing is a more accurate reference value. The official because of this, we have to be extra keywords for the station in terms of value. Before we have said, for the page layout keywords to not more than 3, that is to prevent the weight of keywords are too scattered and unable to participate in the rankings. This was a lot of Shanghai dragon Er misunderstanding, thought that as long as repeat the keywords on the page can increase the right keywords >

website before the internal optimization Dennis is mainly concentrated in the chain, the layout, and then to the station optimization link is just a part of them, the author Dennis and everyone together to discuss details about the optimization of today.


second, the content of correlation, right.

website content whether the search engine or place the most attention of website visitors, while display the contents of the enterprises or the enterprise products to press the system text, it can improve the degree of recognition. At the same time, will be related to the content of news to recommend the display form to users and search engines, so it can guide the user clicks on the spider also allows a longer time for crawling in the station.

update the search engine algorithm makes a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will focus moved to the station optimization. This not only makes people pay more attention to the quality of the site based optimization, information content and chain requirements also more attention.

said in the chain to do the best love is the Shanghai encyclopedia, Wikipedia entry I love Shanghai observation can be found clearly, the diversification of the anchor text links. This is different from a lot of enterprises station chain layout link anchor text single characteristic. Of course, we know that small businesses like station keywords which corresponds to the more concentrated, so in order to improve the keywords better rankings we often interspersed with these keywords in the article, and then takes the form of a hyperlink to extend it to other content. This is the website keyword weight is concentrated, but could not improve the overall site quality, only raise the independent keyword ranking is useless, we need the flow and site conversion rate.

also because of this, the author Dennis found a lot of Shanghai dragon ER in order to achieve this goal, blindly will recommend one, and this result is to let the user and search engine spiders more confusion, no systematic information station. To the question, not related to the content recommended not to allow users to stay, but because the content structure of the out of order not to solve the problem of the user and allows the user to give up the site. Not only is the matching of the search engine to observe the subject, relevant content is also very important for users of the.

first, the chain diversification, as wikipedia.

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