Shanghai Longfeng Optimization priority among priorities based

Shanghai Longfeng foundation is very important. As Shanghai dragon ER in the rapidly changing Internet era, without a good foundation of Shanghai Longfeng sustainable development, it is difficult for a long time. So as to have the basic Shanghai dragon Er which Shanghai dragon

first, understand the basic HTML language and CSS style. Many students believe that Shanghai dragon with a web source code and CSS of no great importance, is actually wrong. Because the HTML language and the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon in the station optimization CSS is very important, know which part of the web site is produced by JS, which part can through the anchor text to display; which need to change the code redundancy, which accords with the style of user experience.

third, a web site planning. Now Shanghai dragon Er have such experience, do a website ranking, a website conversion rate to. We must be clear we do such a site is for what purpose. Either the public, or selfish, we can not for the web site, the same reason not to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon. So Shanghai dragon er must make a detailed planning site, and the direction of development. Many industry professionals of Shanghai dragon Er will first make a plan before the Shanghai dragon. This is very important.

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fourth, to focus on the theory of practice. Shanghai dragon is a subject with a strong practical ability. Shanghai dragon theory is indeed a lot, but these theories are all obtained in practice. Website traffic, website keywords ranking, website promotion, website conversion rate etc. these factors are drawn from practice. And Shanghai dragon and other industries is different, each site optimization plan and direction is different, more or less difference between sites like the same industry for each site, so the practice of this website is more important than a theory of

second, know the principle of search engine. Don’t change the search engine principle first it is provided to search the information required by the user. Whether it is the search engine index "habits", or display, not to be able to provide the required. In Shanghai dragon Er Optimization Website at the beginning, the user experience should be considered, which is close to a good search engine. Many people think that only from the structure to must have a good search engine, this is a one-sided view. The structure of the site is to make their content available to users better. Sometimes, for the factors of search engine, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will make only a good structure and search engine, is not conducive to the user. So many sites, here is not to enumerate the. This kind of website can temporarily have ranking, but for a long time through the website data show website users click on this type of small, low conversion rate will gradually be eliminated in the search engine. So we have to know the principle of search engine.

fifth, good data report. The foundation of the. But a lot of Shanghai dragon Er will ignore this.

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