The chain for the emperor is a thing of the past How should we look at

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I think on the contrary, I feel love in Shanghai pay more attention to the chain, the chain for the emperor’s position is unshakable, "content is king, the chain for the emperor" this eight word search engine is not to say, but with a certain world truth, like the national development, but not behind closed doors heavy diplomacy is not feasible, so I think we all understand that even the martial arts also have "practice of breath, muscles skin", if the website content not only repair, repair chain, I believe that many elites would say "this is not scientific".

is the site of the submission, learn foreign high quality of the article, so your article will help users, users can see the user access to knowledge, to rely on this site, such as A5, day A5 webmaster do not know where. The reasons for failure are many friends posting "readability"

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Since service?

soft is a weapon to Shanghai dragon world, no matter how Shanghai dragon world change, even if the effect of the soft, unchanging, of course, here is the high quality soft, but also with a high quality platform, such as A5 submission. Of course, not high quality of soft Wen general but, in view of my investment over a period of time in the A5 release, summarize some experience and share with you:


is still the chain for the emperor, is still important, in view of the status quo, how should we do outside the chain, let the chain better for our website

1, in order to let the real content, contribute article goes through, people will boast, like when we go to school to learn to write a composition, are fictional story. Remember the submission not to write the script, the content requirements of authenticity, it is best to add pictures to prove it, not everyone said "picture is truth".

website every day to review a submitted article, is not possible for every script has a magnifying glass to study. This article must be clear, each segmented content is best described, this website editor can quickly understand about your content, improve the manuscript examination pass rate.

recently, love Shanghai algorithm constantly updated, has not stopped, from June to the present, can be described as one after another, a large area is the site started by K, then K, then in, well, I don’t want to K, snapshot, to you, to included, to you, to the chain, to you, you go to ranking. Many sites see the data are quite normal, there is no ranking, let a person produce helpless. Recently, another toss, do not know if you have not found, this time, the chain fell considerably. The chain ow three sites I dropped, and the chain of hair is also included as before. Love is no longer in Shanghai to take the chain: the chain for the emperor has become a thing of the past?

3, the article should have readability of

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