And the letter Web Mining and non target keyword optimization experience

keywords for this phenomenon, we first exclude a structure that is the target keyword website of the "long tail keywords" this, because we have been doing, now the analysis focused on the related parts of this and the rest of the website target keyword keyword". From this part is mainly composed of some extremely unpopular words and sentences. Through reverse inquiry, I found that it mainly appeared in the title of the article on our website. Because the site is an old portal website, website content editing department responsible for daily updates, so the content will be more comprehensive, so that the search engine included in the content of the page wide coverage. But another problem again, this part of the flow into the search engine did not notice before the promotion by why? Mainly before this part of the flow is too small. But now more is the increase in the overall weight of the site to site the weight of the inside pages.

The background data

web search engine keyword: from the search engine into the target keyword flow is relatively stable, and the letter is not to say this, but we never concerned about the "key". This is partly a reflection from the data statistics on the words are "long tail keywords" or other is not the keyword keyword. If a single key data from every point of view, for the station traffic million is certainly not what, but if we take weeks or months of data statistics, the traffic can not be a. For traffic sites, I think to not let go.

in the analysis of the company’s website statistics, from the data analysis found a problem. This problem is very normal, but believe and through this phenomenon we can bring very objective part flow. That is the question is about the statistics of search engine keyword sources. For this phenomenon we analyzed and carried out targeted improvement, make the website in this part of the contents have recently introduced a lot of traffic. The letter and analyze this issue and follow up the successful experience and share with you.

analysis we analyzed the phenomenon, so now I want to focus on that how to make full use of this. The core goal is to expand the import flow. We mainly do two things. The first is the editorial department and communication (and not the same as a personal webmaster is too big to fail, need to cooperate with other departments) when the content of the article do some channels of the article need not all around the target keywords website, targeted key words we analysis good. According to the optimization method to control the keyword density and layout, which is part of the keyword is the main source of our website from the background selection of non target keywords, and we will promote this part of the import flow of non target keywords "to increase the page reprint volume, in order to increase the anti even enhance the page weight. This part of the site itself has a higher ranking, easy to do up to stable ranking. Second is our common way through before mining some words, such as "long tail keywords", this part of the words on the page to do, and give up before too solid.

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