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The purchase or sale of

attempts to manipulate the search results link are regarded as non natural link. These links may come from the waste site / low quality website, blog, forum or website links to trash. There is a very simple method can identify what is unnatural links to help you create these links is to look at: the purpose is to help the readers better understand the content of a page, or simply in order to improve your site’s ranking in search engines. Here are some low quality links to examples:

we recently updated the notice on the links in Webmaster tools, if you receive a Goolge notice that your website link problems because the entire site is processing. It shows that we have found a large number of non natural links pointing to your site, you need to remove as much as possible all you can control low quality or spam links, and then apply for a re examination.

used to enhance PageRank link

attempts to manipulate the PageRank link


in our Webmaster Help Forum, webmaster asked questions about the most is the link. Many webmaster asked once the site because the link is, how to apply for a re examination. There are many webmaster about link problems. In our webmaster blog, we have published a lot of blog links. In order to facilitate inquiries, we will sort out some common problems in this blog.

refers to the illegal websites or malignant link network links in

if you have not received notice of the link, but you found a large number of links pointing to your site from spam sites or low quality sites. We also recommend that you remove these links, because these links are likely to have ignored our algorithm.


webmaster tools can help you! Please verify your site in Webmaster tools, then you will receive notification from noble baby. In addition to send a notification website is processed for violating the quality guidelines and the Google webmaster tools, will give you notice of every kind of, such as we think that your site has been hacked; your website contains malicious software; we crawl in the web page you encounter difficulties or are we found a lot of unable to access URL. We also encourage you to register to receive relevant email forwarding information, email forwarding function make the noble baby sent to your mailbox at any time and any notice about you.

reciprocal links or link exchange (such as the link to me, I’ll link to you ") over

2.: I found my site has some from low quality website links, how can I know my site is because these links are

1. Q: what is the link spam or low quality links to

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