Open the mini talk Shanghai Longfeng outside of the promotion way


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this is the search for Shanghai, ranked seventh in the Shanghai dragon application, obviously, the future development of love Shanghai will enter a new stage. In fact, many ways of promotion! Don’t put your ideas on top of Shanghai dragon, promotion not only only when the Shanghai dragon, website development to a certain extent, it is necessary to create something, that is the site to give users what, and then let the user spontaneous search sites, create new words, this is the key

1, Q & a platform promote the use of love Shanghai know, Search ask the question and answer, YAHOO knowledge hall to promote the network, not only can the accurate flow, but also improve the brand image, increase the visibility of the company.

2, the promotion of soft soft power is infinite, especially soft news, it is a marketing tool, the use of the good soft, then the network promotion will be very relaxed, so marketing has been the majority of the SEM Master as the first marketing tool.


4, the use of

short: we do network promotion in Shanghai Longfeng outside, there are many things we need to dig, and don’t look only stare in Shanghai dragon, it will bring to their chains, therefore, open ideas, broaden their horizons, let us fly network optimization.

3 video marketing, with the increase of network bandwidth, many third party free video platform gradually into the ordinary users view, and how to make good use of this platform, will be in the next few years, businesses in a hotly contested spot,

application development and application platform will love the Shanghai team will usher in the outbreak of the network traffic, now love Shanghai open platform to accept the application of the third party platform, we can see their shadows in the search, and this marketing tool, will further differentiate the flow of Shanghai dragon. There are pictures and the truth:

like bamboo shoots after a spring rain out of the Shanghai dragon training institutions, more and more people talk about Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon and the use of the website optimization and network promotion, such as our Yichang real activity is the use of Shanghai dragon in the promotion, also really let us accurate high conversion rate obtained from the search flow engine. Then all around the Shanghai dragon, updated articles, forums, blogs, B2B, classification of information and so on, to do anything. When a web site in order to go to Shanghai if Shanghai dragon dragon, and forget that we do Shanghai Longfeng purposes, it would be a big cup, so we use the Shanghai dragon can use what promotion method except? According to the research and summary of Mini, there are some methods can provide reference:

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