n this paper teach you how to play the love of Shanghai Search Ranking

is the first method to a large number of editors and your relevant Wikipedia entries, add your keywords in Wikipedia editor inside, and then add the inner chain, after the user has seen you to edit the relevant Wikipedia will have to click on the chain you add, is second kinds of methods, if you can figure is the entry to have a relationship with you to submit entries encyclopedic character relationship table. After the official figures help you add table, so that you can get traffic from the relationship of the characters in the entry. The third way is when you publish the article can also add Wikipedia to link in the chain, which is a method of flow.

Post Bar

news release on my own, I will not say. Say Post Bar, quantity of heat to the post Post Bar longevity relationship but with popularity did not what relationship, so webmaster fans can go in a very short period of time to Post Bar members to post. Of course, to press operation at the same time have the effect, if not at the same time so we do all the work done 100.

love Shanghai Search Ranking entertainment promotion

(not recommended)

love Shanghai Search Ranking figures

can love Shanghai Search Ranking love Shanghai launched a brand based word heat can be recommended, recommended that love Shanghai, pay attention to the number of, and want to love Shanghai billboard is not an easy thing, perhaps a lot of Internet promotion promotion for several years as a brand extension of others love Shanghai Search Ranking effect, I believe many promoters are aware of myself for many years, no one on the billboard, on the billboard for friends can see, if there is not the right place can also give me some one, now we began to explain the ranking method.

entertainment, entertainment category are movies and television shows, entertainment classification for video, music promotion friends. Now we see from the diagram that ranked first in the keyword movie related links.

First we look at


for the singer music ranking can make their music quickly to the user, the first method is to share, the second method is to find the music brush popular people to do, costs less than one hundred will fix the


love Shanghai Search Ranking music ranking



has three words in the links below, followed by introduction, news, Post Bar, is not difficult to see the entertainment category of the three products just grab the heat to the movie / TV series for index, which gives the ranking, often see the billboard friends introduction is Wikipedia, news, Post Bar, needless to say you we all know, just say how to play out the index.

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