The significance of precise positioning of network marketing for the enterprise website development

first, the construction enterprises need to clear the site content and site type is what? Enterprise website content construction is a problem of great concern to us, and how to show the content of the web site to the user.


third, enterprise needs to locate target keywords in the network marketing and website promotion process and how to use the search engine optimization will show the first time the customer’s products and services to improve the efficiency of the project in front of the user, and create value for the enterprise visibility started.

the above is my personal experience in some skills in the process of network marketing, I believe that we have some help in website construction and the network marketing process.

as an entrepreneur, I is how to seize the user location or state of mind, now I to entrepreneurs to call their own, in fact not for evaluation is too high, do not deliberately create more topics, I just want to express in the use of the Internet business, I is how to grasp the needs of users, how to let users we really feel the website construction or network marketing is more in line with the experience of the user and search engine favorite. In fact, I was talking about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship from March 21, 2011 officially entered the track, but I don’t have my own company, have their own team, only the strength of the team is strong. From the beginning of 2007 officially entered the Internet industry, has been nearly four years, in these four years, I also continue to grow and improve themselves. Leaders of the entrepreneurial process at first is lonely, a few days ago to see we are the music Hu QQ mood said such a sentence, is ideal for entrepreneurs, the goal is the team, entrepreneurs and lonely, but along the way is the most experienced, including setbacks and experience etc..

but when we talk about network marketing how to accurate positioning, believe in A5 or in Shanghai drunk a dragon and Monkey Island Wangzhuan forum friends will have such a feeling, accurate network marketing is what kind of concept or to create what kind of value, including help our enterprises and help our own products create the best brand value. Next, according to my years of experience of website construction and network marketing to share the recipe so that we can locate and grasp the enterprise website from construction to the process of network marketing needs through the day, allow enterprises to avoid detours, thus reducing the unnecessary loss of economy.

fourth, positioning, on the enterprise website construction and the network marketing has been, everyone knows that the enterprise portal is a big trend, the future development on the one hand, the weight distribution of the portal site search engine is relatively high; on the other hand, the portal can show more content, convenient for the future direction of development ZhengZhan optimization and omni-directional positioning website.

second, the enterprise should choose what template or what program to the user to show us the image of the enterprise and the development of enterprises and even enterprise website needed to show the content to the user.

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