How to quickly improve the site included quantity and weight

two, timing quantitative update the original article.


if your website content is not much, then to make the site static, if there is no way to generate static, with pseudo static, if there are technical personnel can get static program, then generate static. There are several advantages: generating static static web access speed, static web search engine more love, more easily to be included. But if your article is more, then from the start column included less, if direct station static, may be right down.

sites may program very much, or too little manpower, or other work, can not be updated every day so many columns, you can update a column, even pumping 2 hours a day, to write two or three articles, update them every day. Update a column is better than all the columns with the updated better, more obvious. I once took a tourist site, because the inside of the content with most online travel website content, website is small, resulting in the amount collected has been hovering around 30. Not before, I let them write the editor of centralized Q & A, Q & A to do the long tail words, after a month of hard work, a a month after the site almost all pages indexed, and to send the article seconds point. By this method, not only the columns you release will increase included, it will drive the total weight, improve the home key ranking, increase the total amount collected.

three, update a column, point to arrancar.

A static website,


search engine is love the original article, especially love quantitative timing issued by the original website, we should take the good, regular quantitative publish original articles. Less manpower, each column released every day 1-2 article, the staff can release several, but remember: timing, quantitative, not updated today or tomorrow is not updated, update today two tomorrow update a. If you insist on it, do not need long, website snapshot, included the amount you will certainly rise quickly, even before the quality has not been included, good article pages will be included.


search engine spiders is an extremely retarded robot, your website is still not known when it is not possible to indefinitely to dig your things, so you should try.

Four, reasonable chain

Shanghai dragon friends all know the flow of "28 laws", which is more than 80% of the traffic will be concentrated in the long tail key, and the quality of long tail keywords than short words are more prone to high turnover, so many sites in the long tail keywords efforts. But some sites found always included not to go, but also less and less, even included not only the home page, to talk about the long tail? How to improve the site included? Let me tell you a few strokes, do.

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