How to send the chain in order to have a good ranking

interested in many people, why others outside the chain of hair in the love of Shanghai ranked as good, and his hair of the chain is no echo, this is a lot of people remain perplexed despite much thought things to others outside the chain of hair open look at it so happened, feeling the chain may also post content than their own, but is the people’s rankings, and carefully design their own but not ranking, this problem has troubled me for a long time, but recently it seems to understand, to share with you.

I believe that the title

but here we began to wonder, why I have to love Shanghai now to release, but the ranking still more than others, people who look rubbish post ranking still very good, my guess is that, but do not know right, what things are fastidious about in order of arrival weight gain, First impressions are strongest. The new algorithm is only temporary successor, previously due to the cumulative weight now looks as long as not too large errors are not treated, and give good rankings, some companies like the old employees, some is a record of the world with the boss, although you now feel he is not capable of no ability but it is in the company to live better than anyone, do less than who, wages are high, than whom no way, they are old, they are old, you want to go beyond him, unless he makes mistakes, otherwise have no chance, that love Shanghai too, so must not be careless if you want to have, the ranking is the first.

Shanghai dragon friends all know, this one or two years love Shanghai big changes, Shanghai issued on the chain of love, Scindapsus algorithm and a series of clean Internet algorithm, this algorithm is one of the most fierce green power, basically can send the chain site according to the algorithm of Scindapsus love Shanghai has adjusted the posting rules, do not let the anchor text is natural, text links can’t bring gradually trend, and the content requirements are quite high, the first is that if you don’t even register Related can not be passed through, because if so, that for the platform it is spam, the platform will be affected, when his hair of the chain, is a content editor, then whether the same platform, a different platform are repeating an action copy and paste, but Can you feel if you do such manipulation now, the system will automatically prompt you sorry your content is too similar, sorry you have released information, please modify and then publish or send other information, and the platform will prompt you for your release too quickly. Please have a rest and then released, what this shows, because love Shanghai requirements increase, the corresponding platform requirements increased, this is also from the side urge everyone to stop the spam chain, each chain to design and edit the intentions of love, now Shanghai is illustrated, paragraphs this novel, enrich the content, some sounds simple, but to do that is not easy, only do so, it may seek to rank the opportunity.

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