To improve the effect of the station optimization using three steps

at the beginning of the share in the station optimization, we need to understand the importance of some of the chain to the site, do not think that as long as the optimization by outside the station can get good rankings, it is unrealistic. If you look carefully, you can analyze the ranking than you opponent of the site, you will find that some competitors outside the chain is not much, but the ranking has been very stable, this time you need to analyze some opponents is how to do site optimization. I think a site to be successful is the most basic structure optimization to improve the station, and then through the station to complement each other. For the importance of chains in the not long winded, so let’s see what steps can make better effect to our station.

> The loss of


to page jump page weight transfer

for the nofollow label, I believe that many owners are not unfamiliar, but many owners tend to ignore it, I want to say is in the station optimization, nofollow plays a very important role. Don’t dwell on the nofollow the most basic use of the author, we say it for the optimization of the role.

Two, the use of

we all know that as long as we add behind a link on our site on the code "rel=nofollow", so that a search engine will think this link with our site does not Never mind, weight distribution of our site to it. But we also know that a link should not be too much, otherwise it will lead to weight site dispersion, keywords ranking drop. This time we can use the nofollow tag, the shield is not important off some links. So where to use? In addition to some advertising links, we can put this label in some of the site has little effect on the link, as shown below, at the bottom of the page in a few links to site optimization ranking is not what role, we can use the nofollow tag to its definition, reduce weight the loss of.

using a nofollow to save the weights of the site

second, we can put the nofollow label for a high degree of duplication of the page, some of the content of the website is special, repeat degrees higher, and search engines are not love duplicate content, but also a waste of the site’s weight. This can be repeated for those high degree of page shielding using this tag, so as to retain more weight for other pages.

for the optimization of the site, the amount we can be divided into two categories, one is on the site of the internal optimization, the other is to optimize the external site. But many Adsense tend to focus on optimizing the station, ignoring the importance of the station optimization, this is many webmaster has been ranked up one of the main reasons.

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