More haste less speed over optimized eventually will only harm themselves

(two) excessive use of anchor text.


imperceptibly Xiaobian has to do is stand, which also took over a number of sites, from the optimization of the difficulty of speaking, Xiaobian feel these over the old station is far more difficult to optimize than new sites, because each update love Shanghai old station ranking will change, and the this is not stable, update your website in the first three pages, the next update and fly out of 100, make people feel very helpless, but the research and experiment found some old station ranking cause these unstable factors through several small series, that is the excessive optimization.

website is the most obvious way over internal optimization is undoubtedly the accumulation of the anchor text use, we all know that the anchor text indeed can be very good to let the spider crawled through the station link more of our other content, so as to improve the effect of a keyword rankings, and excessive or single anchor text has also become the current search engine punish site of a reference point. Take the small picture over the network in terms of it, every article found that there are a large number of boys and girls head picture, QQ picture and other words, and pointing to the same page, that is the home page, the anchor text so much, so a single search engine, is certainly not love, don’t give in it is normal.


solution: because a large part of small over the site is because of this reason not to delay the search engine rankings, especially after a small series of experimental analysis of one of the sites of www.vxuyu贵族宝贝, found the station using keywords accumulation technique, found immediately after the removal process, and then use some related to the theme scripts were filled up, and released in the days after the emergence of the technique of using natural keywords released, the effect is obviously improved.

solution: because of the micro.

why did you say that when it comes to excessive optimization almost most sites from some old station? In fact, the main reason is because the search engine algorithm is constantly updated, before you use the optimization technique may have a very good help for ranking, but in fact has caused excessive website optimization, and after updating the love Shanghai algorithm we, your website ranking began to decline and even fly out of 100, when we encounter such a situation how to do? Xiaobian some practical experience on its website to share with you. Usually for some old station mainly caused by excessive optimization following situations.

Two years

(a) keywords excessive accumulation.

once accumulation on our website ranking does have a good promotion, because of the close packed keywords at that time not mature in the search engine algorithm will be mistaken for content and theme of our website is very relevant, but with the algorithm to enhance the mechanism of human nature, the spider is more, not to eat it, at the same time also put this column to one of the most common moves over optimized technique.

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