On the 3 point proposal for enterprise stand optimization

some people may say, is not all these things? I want to say here but you really think about it? I like to do the injection molding machine friends website throughout several beautiful pictures of beautiful, users to your web site to see you this machine picture? He wants to know is are you in this picture is real, the machine model, sales price, specific parameters etc.. I say you put this picture in a real picture, pictures and models, and then click to view the price of machine specific parameters. This picture is of value. Here I would like to tell you is the home show we have to consider whether the user needs, and can form two clicks.

migrant workers for a long time did not write the article in Shanghai dragon. As has been the recent study of network marketing, so the Shanghai dragon is a bit rusty, 2 years is a big change we can see that Shanghai dragon basically, I also did not pay attention to this year, also OUT. So these 2 days to help stop doing business friends, I study some enterprise stand optimization is very good website, see how they do business station of Shanghai dragon. Also here to tell you the analysis of the competition of Shanghai dragon will make you great progress.


3: the page title keywords how to design

2: what kind of navigation can satisfy the user


1: end user to your site to get what


best title keywords don’t choose meaningless words, and focus on do keywords. For example, you are Wuhan injection molding machine, you do not get what Wuhan injection molding machine, injection molding machine of Hubei peripheral equipment, injection molding machine, injection molding machine injection molding machine price, the use of.

second is a lot of enterprise personnel ignored local optimization. As the site navigation map, and users to understand the core of your website, we must make a good navigation. Here the website of plastic surgery hospital in the medical station violence website analysis. We can open every place ranking of the plastic surgery hospital website, their designs are almost the same. Why do not know you think No. They will have a meet the user knowledge requirement of navigation. Eyebrow shaping, rhinoplasty and so on user knowledge navigation. Because there are a lot of people like plastic, do not know much about the shaping of people need these knowledge, even eager to get these knowledge. Migrant workers here want to say is to fully consider its website user needs to regulate our navigation.

why do I want to want to get users to your site in the end what is put in the first place. Because of the changes of the past 1 years love Shanghai as we all know, love Shanghai more and more attention to the user experience. Then the user on your website to get what? We meet the first user to improve the user experience, the most important point. No matter what type of business you are here to the user station, in order to obtain product information acquisition, product prices, product knowledge acquisition, acquisition, phone number and so on.

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