How to make your website page is love Shanghai fast included

early in my building a blog I wrote an article "how to make your site included" love Shanghai fast, this article I also voted A5 has also been approved by, still can be found. This article is to bring hundreds of the chain, as long as it is submitted on the A5 will have a lot of people may be reproduced, a lot of collection, have something artificial collection, I am also very clever in the article with your own web site, from this article you can also see the soft Wen how did you write, the most important is when being reproduced can take your web site. Today I will discuss and we simply look [how to make your website pages are quickly included] love Shanghai.

I think the original is not original also want to see what you do stand. If you do your own blog, or to the original. Your original articles should be valuable, valuable articles do not say the whole piece of every word in every phrase a gem, but you are the dry cargo, to have one or two bright spots, is to see other people can learn something, even if it is a little thing, but very useful for him, this article is valuable the quality of this return rate is high. The content of the construction of enterprise station I think if you’re not idle awful every necessary original value, online quality content a lot depends on how you will find here (no longer wordy, after optimization method and share enterprise station "

love Shanghai has repeatedly stressed that the website content to have the quality to provide something of value for the user. What is the quality of value? Many people say that the original chant, wrong! Original things do not necessarily have the value and quality. I think there is no quality judgment method is to think of yourself as your website, you want to see what kind of content, the content of what the hope appeared in detail, which provides reference for the content of your website construction, provide the equivalent of the subject is to attract users, they are very interested in. The next step is the real content, also assume that you are a user, look very interested in this article, but the point into a look, the content is still very old-fashioned, seen on other websites do not know how many times, even they are elsewhere sent outside the chain, then you thought of value


do first is his website to be loved in Shanghai included, are home to be included, this is not enough, as long as your site included many relatively get traffic more. Now Shanghai has repeatedly hit love spam, so don’t increase the website copying a person too many things. Do not know if you have this experience, today you add an article on the website, then tomorrow included, but after a few days in Shanghai and can’t find love. Why? Simply because the content of the article in Shanghai love database repeat too much, you may be standing at present is also good to add the contents of the love of Shanghai also included, but always in the future Oh deleted, you will find that your website is not to change too much. So a simple copy and paste the time has passed.

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