Analysis of the bidding data in Shanghai love a few doubt thinking interpretation


said the data analysis, this problem almost every day in the discussion and consultation, because the data analysis for a qualified auction clerk speaking almost become a necessity and familiar techniques, data analysis shows that many of the problems in the bidding, including data source, high impact, high keywords show, high consumption, high conversion and how to optimize and carry out.

3, show low analysis of high consumption, which is a lot of bidding staff are under discussion or discussed problem, because this problem is really a bit difficult, many influence factors, accounts and staff, and should show high consumption in the low to reduce consumption, and constantly adjust the accounts and increase the keyword, to optimize the quality of stable quality.

1, do

1, high consumption and high conversion of this should be more consultation, research "

3, low show high click, click the account that rate will be higher in this case, creativity is relatively excellent, and the keywords and account unit is estimated to be relatively small, should increase and improve the stability of creative keywords optimization show click.

keyword tracking statistics, because it is more precise to track key data, according to the data of the next step to expand keywords or promotion strategy, the general background on the site have set the port, it will not say more.

to show the consumer question analysis

keyword analysis



for the consumption and transformation of question analysisThe analysis of

1, show high consumption, this could mean that the account will offer high pay too much attention to key words qualifying problem, should analyze consumer’s whereabouts, according to different situations of adjustment and Optimization for high consumption can be slightly lower key price in the qualifying stable condition;

2, show the analysis low consumption, indicating that the above optimization is in place, and constantly optimize the stability and focus on consumption and the data show fluctuations in this case;

second, click to show the question analysis of

I have these problems talk about some ideas:

First, the data in the

2, click show high low, this situation is in the opportunity to show good, but click are scanty, the account is not above creative work, creative writing is not attractive enough, should increase the digital symbol eye-catching words to attract click, in a row of stability under the condition of

1, high high click to show the analysis, this shows how your creativity is relatively excellent, showing a stable position and a chance to show more, users can see more opportunities, so click will be very high, in this case, should pay more attention to the page and the guest account service, because it affects the transformation the effect of beautiful pages directly affects the user’s next consultation;

2, URL can be transformed to the corresponding path keyword statistics.

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