Site traffic from Shanghai dragon and social media optimization how to be like a fish in water

second, traffic sources second is through the search engine, search engine traffic guidance accounted for 34%, of which more than 50% of the number of baby aristocracy for the largest source.

talked about how to guide the flow of nature, you may think of two methods:

some people think through the Shanghai dragon can effectively optimize the hit rate, further to the rank of the website, but there is another argument that through various social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on, with the media to create topics, the use of pull way to increase hit the masses base, traffic guidance.


talked about how to guide the flow, first you should know where to flow. According to the analysis of Yotpo in the end of 2016, the world’s largest source of traffic in the network is the direct traffic, accounting for 40%. The so-called direct flow that is no way to trace the source, which is directly on the website or relatives and friends to share the URL, through the method of URL direct copy and paste to the website, the characteristics of this kind of website traffic there is no way to track, hence the "Dark Social" said.

1. search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization, Shanghai,

In fact,

online shopping has become not only the traditional manufacturers to increase sales of the second battlefield, many small and medium-sized enterprises is the main sales platform, especially in the recent years electronic commerce between the fierce competition every year, there are a lot of business sites invest time and money very much, try on this red sea battlefield.


between the two is not independent, search engine optimization and social media marketing is like pizza and cheese pizza, when less cheese, like a few of the most delicious flavor, still have taste, but tasteless. Shanghai dragon collocation must be high quality content creation, to create a truly effective flow, and social media is a high potential to assist Shanghai dragon shares, which is why Shanghai dragon and social media marketing has become all enterprises to closely intertwined activities.

According to the


social media marketing

however, many businesses because of input and output is not proportional, eventually give up business. This is because they don’t run? Or they don’t know how to flow, cash flow guidance to the electricity supplier website, from talent shows itself?

but Shanghai dragon and social media how mutual complementary? < >

Pitney Bowes released at the end of the 2016 "2016 global online shopping report" data show that up to 94% of consumers often at home online shopping, there are more than 2/3 (66%) of the consumers also cross-border online shopping.

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