Online selling mattresses to create a unique internet thinking

creative marketing, often can bring products There’s no telling opportunities. Every day we spend an average of 1/3 of the time on the mattress, which is not less than the time we play the phone. We’ll switch to a new phone every two years, but maybe not for ten years.

in recent years many times because of the mattress quality standards and cause serious health and safety problems reported. My personal sleep problems encountered but not so serious, but always feel at home in the bed is too hard, often morning backache. But I still don’t have the urge to change the mattress tomorrow morning. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t pay attention to the mattress, or because it’s not cool at all.


Krim this will have their own ideas: the world’s good hotel almost never ask the guest to need what kind of mattress, but the guests like to sleep comfortably; in addition, remove the intermediate links such retailers, showroom, independent brands direct sales through the network quality is not bad, but the price is much lower in the mattress.

because the family business e-commerce business, have the opportunity to Krim  thousands of pieces of product testing, and through long time comparison and testing, the Casper team found a satisfactory manufacturer, to create a think they can for 99% customers mattress. Casper mattress depth of 10 inches, they are in the best material used in the customer to sleep on the place. For example, most of the surface of the mattress using "feeding" latex, the inner layer uses a memory foam, the bottom is slightly cheaper foam. After the price down, the price of a Casper mattress from $500 to $950, while the United States in the market of latex mattresses are generally from the   1500  $up

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