Online shop how to improve customer turnover rate to allow business to continue

is now very much online social entrepreneurs, at the same time in the online business is also facing great competition in the market, want to succeed in the Internet industry business, need to pay attention to certain strategy, next, we will look at how to maintain customers in the online shop.

these circumstances prompted us to redefine the customer with the new method, to focus on those customers who are really interested in will buy goods or more acceptable products in the market competition. Because when customers are really interested, they tend to provide contact information. We have to find the real potential customers, so that we can make a deal.

reminder service

"remind me" service is the first to focus on the demand of the shopping funnel. A product centric blog, a review site, or even an electronic magazine will remind me. In order to remind some information about their interest in the blog reader products. Because these reminders are often very interested in the customer, so there will be a high return rate (nearly 20%). In addition, this delay compared to buy to buy more products make a prompt decision cycle. Because of the concern and interest in this product may be as long as 3 months.

Of course, these brand

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