Since the Sliced noodles join details

heard of such a theory is that: each person has fifteen percent life chances to become an extraordinary person, can not succeed, mainly to see whether you can have a good grasp of the fifteen percent chance to let their Phoenix Nirvana, ashes. Investment is a choice: right or not depends on your judgment of the market, the trend of the grasp and the author’s choice; otherwise success depends on investment in the right direction and a hard fight for the cause of the heart. Entrepreneurs to join in the Sliced noodles is a correct choice.

in Sliced noodles franchise:

1 site, the actual use of the area must have one of the following conditions: 150~300 square meters.

2, the franchisee must have a certain economic strength, to ensure that the initial investment shop.

3, the franchisee must be willing to join in the Sliced noodles chain of legal person or natural person.

4, can hard-working, aggressive and firm and indomitable perseverance.

5, the franchisee must have a good spirit of cooperation, diligent and pragmatic, honest and trustworthy.

6, with good business philosophy and consciousness, obey the headquarters management, willing to participate in various training.

in Sliced noodles joining process is as follows:

1, if you are looking for a small risk, less investment, high return business, can from the Sliced noodles headquarters and the branch for investigation.

2, the franchisee can assign two staff headquarters arrangements for training, master the operation mode and operation process, through the training and the use of special ingredients, and ultimately achieve the unity of taste.

3, headquarters to determine the city and the specific location and area.

4, the franchisee must provide legal proof materials, pay the relevant costs.

5, according to the headquarters of the unified material and style of store decoration.

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