Rice line to join the project selection Dongdong fat Aberdeen

in the Sichuan snack bar brand, Dongdong fat Aberdeen line is a feature of the Sichuan flavor snack items, then you know how much fat Dongdong vermicelli? If you are interested in this snack item, I will follow the small series to find out! Dongdong Fat Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2005, and officially entered the field of fast food chain.

pangzai nanowires is the first step in fat diet Ltd. in the east of the service industry, to the "integrity and pragmatic, innovation, service" for the purpose, the spirit of "not the biggest, but the most pro" business philosophy; to become the China pangzai Mi Xianjian the most popular Chinese fast food brand for the mission. In pursuit of "customer satisfaction" as the highest criterion, the realization of "China fast-food franchise brand vision.

rice noodle has hundreds of years of history, the composition of high protein content, fat content is small, can provide the necessary energy for the human body and not easy to cause obesity, is a famous Chinese snack.

Dongdong pangzai has joined Sichuan flavor snack noodle distinctive characteristics, at the same time, the fusion of tastes and habits, with dozens of spices, the number of procedure and refined, unique taste, delicious taste, aftertaste.


characteristics of gold cake made of high quality sauce, stewed meat to elbow recipe carefully, with crisp gold cake, taste outside Giori tender, sweet but not greasy, praised by customers.

shop to break the traditional Chinese food business model, the use of Western fast food for meals, fast and convenient, more embodies the characteristics of modern fast food.

operating mode: to break the previous Chinese food business, to Western fast food business mode for meals, fast and fast, more embodies the characteristics of modern fast food business.

pushing human services and management, won the market recognition, so that fat fat vermicelli business turnover rate and survival rate reached 100%. The development experience of joining Aberdeen fat noodle stuff to tell people: "the shop is not large, the spirit of love". Under the guidance of the company’s business philosophy, the introduction of superior dishes, reasonable prices and quality services, has been recognized by the community.

don’t know how to read the introduction above you to stuff pangzai noodle impression, if you are interested in this project, and will have to invest, then please post our website below, we will contact you in the first time to see the message after.

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