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gas has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, its status is no less than the impact of electricity on people. New Austrian gas visibility is not the general, the development prospects of the great potential of the achievements of Wang Yusuo 1 billion 800 million.

"the premise of expansion is the new Austrian gas source, and the west east gas pipeline is the best source of." Wang Yusuo investigation concluded that the west east gas transmission area along the lower rate of gasification, the project will greatly promote the promotion of local gas usage. 9 provinces and autonomous regions to provide a huge space for the last mile city gas pipeline network construction".

1999, the new Austrian group in Huludao, in Liaoning province and Shandong Liaocheng gas company registration, use the nearby gas accounted for two of the city, other towns accumulate operation experience for west east gas transport bureau. March 25, 2000, the national west east gas project construction leading group meeting, announced the official start of the preliminary work.

New Austria in the early 2 to 3 year plan to develop the city, now is significantly accelerated, changed every year before 2005 6 to 8 city development, and strive to become the domestic customers covering the most populous city gas professional operators, and always adhere to the exclusive franchise and a controlling stake in the market expansion.

in the "goods", the gas pipe network is the priority among priorities, where the laying of pipe network, the new Austrian resources and brand building where. "We have been observing the industrial environment in the field of public utility. The future, we will take the gas pipeline as the vanguard of the city gradually into the public domain, to the development of water and electricity integration."

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