National innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Forum held in Shanghai


innovation has become a distinctive business theme, while around the universities are trying to apply the concept and spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, to convey to some college students or young entrepreneurs, in order to promote the entrepreneurial passion.

research universities how to cultivate the spirit of innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students? July 15th, the national innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Forum held in Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, a number of university leaders issued a point of view.

The National Education Committee,

The reform of the "double"

for education by Shanghai Jiaotong University, deputy party secretary, business school dean Zhu Jian said, domestic universities should set up the establishing of ecological system. Entrepreneurial ecosystem has stability and adaptability, and will not be affected by the change of school leadership. Entrepreneurial ecosystem is a platform strategy, rather than a product strategy, focusing on the collection of entrepreneurial alumni, venture capital funds and other university resources for college students to provide a good atmosphere and conditions.


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