Take you pretend to take you to dinner three discipline of the eight attention

China is a food country, a lot of things to talk about in the wine on the table, a lot of resentment is produced in the wine on the table, are also called as wine, wine also. I myself over the past ten years summary: don’t drink is a good drink, after a person is not good people. We talk about this decision as a warning for the future, and what to eat dinner together, is the "three main rules of discipline and the eight points for attention".

A: punctuality discipline.


also host should be first arrived at the scene, other people can not go too early is not eating for several months, is not larger than the late leader. Prefer to advance to the hotel to play the phone, from the agreed time five minutes early, can not let everyone welcome your arrival.

general principle is: who call for dinner who pays, in whose territory who pay more money, who who pay, or the circle than the first time on A, or consciously paries. Maybe someone and you eat ten times he was out of money, but you also have to pay three or four times, or every time you pay for and host lalacheche, but three or four times forced to buy small.

all eat, must be organized to have a local war a, bullets are playing the conspicuous, good impression is always to the discipline of the people, so that the next time the others will call you.

1.  who pay who seats.

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