The eight habits of entrepreneurial companies do you know

we should learn from the lessons of previous. Eight bad habits, entrepreneurial companies you know?

3 days for a deadline, meeting arrangement of unit of work, can set aside some spare time, in the event of an emergency or emergency occurs leeway. At the same time, this plan allows the planner to clearly distinguish between order of priority, not delay in a certain range by planning for the future of the overdraft. In addition, she recommends spending a few minutes each day to consider whether or not the 3 day plan needs to be improved.

Morgan Houston according to estimates, when she served as a consultant for the small and medium-sized enterprises, about 75% to 80% of the waste of resources due to each employee’s strengths to play to the maximum, no proper work for everyone. Kristin · (Kristin Marquet) is the founder of the media company in New York, media, which she has deep experience. When she one day a careful analysis of their time is spent in what place, surprised to find that she spent 10 hours a week to deal with some chores. Given that she was paid $100 a month, the damage was staggering. Aware of this, Mark invited a can handle daily office chores of staff, thus accounting, copy and website design of this kind of thing completely transferred out. In fact, Marquette paid to the employee’s wages but she lost money 1/4.

Morgan Houston, "even though you may feel you really don’t have time to train new people, but to spend 6 hours to communicate with, then every week you can save two hours a year down, will also be more for nearly 100 hours!"

3 the lack of specific direction


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