Online entrepreneurship can not always rely on imitation

online entrepreneurship can do? In the face of increasingly fierce competition, how to transform the online platform? These are actually entrepreneurs need to face the problem. Many entrepreneurs do not know how to solve the situation on the basis of simple imitation to change the dilemma, and with the development of the entire Internet industry, Xiao Bian remind you, online business can not always rely on imitation.

in today’s network, more and more young people are calling to start a business. But now China’s Internet rules and interest groups have formed a chain, entrepreneurship is not as easy as a decade ago. Renren President Shen Boyang recalled: in 2010, he has been responsible for the network of foreign cooperation and open platform, he proposed the idea of buying.

at that time everyone has China’s largest real name social networking site, which is the advantage of doing buy. Group buying is a social e-commerce, and cash flow is very close, the pattern is clear, you can see money scene". Keen sense of professional positioning of the market so that Shen Boyang opened the door to open the door.

imitation business increasingly difficult

it is understood that the Groupon model of group purchase industry in China attracted thousands followers to follow, could not help the temptation of group purchase camp in addition to a lot of ready to entrepreneurs, there are also some Internet gangster. In addition, glutinous rice nets, including everyone happy, Sina, Sohu, Tencent, fair, 58 city website, in the internal mode try group purchase business.

in fact, in 2010, many so-called entrepreneurs are concerned about the creativity and changes in the u.s.." Referring to the Internet venture market, Shen Boyang told reporters. He admitted that due to the characteristics of the Internet, the channel is concerned about the spread of foreign business news quickly spread, I hope to rely on imitation entrepreneurial entrepreneurs continue to gather, the market space of information asymmetry arising from less and less. Under the influence of the market, more entrepreneurs begin to discover and innovate independently.

business also need to do

face more and more interested in the young entrepreneurs in the Internet, Shen Boyang shared his experience and experience: first, to maintain a business atmosphere is one of the secrets of success. In the actual business process, whether it is like the internal network, such as glutinous rice or rely on the financing of entrepreneurship, the Internet can Amoy gold people are very understanding of the needs of users. The user experience in the first place and continue to develop and improve the product as the goal, is the most critical. At the same time, the rapid analysis of the results of the assessment, the company can make a variety of internal resources tilt.

intends to use the Internet to start the business of young people, Shen Boyang suggested: entrepreneurs according to their own characteristics, the choice of entrepreneurial projects must

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