Join flavor hundred catering business opportunities

now fast food market has been very hot, for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the fast food market, is a very good choice. How about 100? High quality projects, worry free venture trustworthy!

from the beginning of April 20th, the Ministry of Peng Long family of Beijing flavor curry 8 restaurant chain restaurants, for up to 5 consecutive days of a comprehensive investigation. It is very much in favor of the operation management system of "100 curry" restaurant in Beijing flavor hundred food chain service Co., ltd.. Through a detailed analysis of the Ministry of Commerce Hong Yu letter manager explained, confidence in the investment "taste 100 curry restaurant earnings expectations. In particular, through the taste of Beijing "flavor curry" restaurant chain restaurant brand of a number of products that taste is really good! Very suitable for the local restaurant chain in Nanchang market. "Taste 100 curry restaurant chain restaurant dishes attracted a series of long Peng Department of one family, so the rich dishes for customers to choose, it’s no wonder that Beijing" hundred taste curry restaurant chain restaurant business is so hot. Today Beijing Flavor Restaurant Chain Service Co. Ltd. hundred self-developed Z3 business network system also let them praise: the taste of Beijing 100 company as a partner to the really very thoughtful. Business "taste hundred curry restaurant chain restaurant brand, really worry! Headquarters every month according to the business situation of the restaurant, issued by the financial analysis report, guiding the partners of goods import and sale, storage management, real-time operation of the restaurant give guidance. The headquarters of the seasonal restaurant chain to track changes and reflect the ability of Internet information communication platform operation ability, let the minister Peng son of a business "taste hundred curry restaurant chain restaurant brand confidence, must cherish the opportunities for cooperation, started the" hundred taste curry restaurant chain in Nanchang first shot! Let 100 food taste brand chain restaurant in Nanchang city of the heroes of sustainable management, carry forward our contributions to the "100 curry flavor" brand.

Nanchang Youle sinks is ultra large scale of 80 thousand square meters, divided into boutique shopping district, super brand catering area, tea area, computer digital district and recreational areas five major functional components, the people and the trend of convergence of the Changbei International Fashion window as its own position and direction in China will be located in the big supermarket and a variety of well-known brands have set up around the city with the main store, delicacy food essence, some unprecedented Changbei on the market of new and unique formats such as cartoon stickers, area, area of Electronic Science and technology area, dynamic cinema, weird house will have entered into, SPA, fitness center, Cara has become a model for a new generation of OK station leisure life. Taste 100 brand restaurant chain restaurant strong in Nanchang, Jiangxi will become a Youle Hui, Hunan, Hubei area "hundred taste curry" restaurant chain system model shop.

in our lives, the taste of a hundred catering fast food has always been very popular. In fact, entrepreneurs choose to open a taste of their own hundred food and beverage stores

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