The 2016 Chengdu marathon run airline stewardess empty quasi open suction eye strength

2016 Chengdu marathon run, the scene is very lively, the "quasi airline stewardess" and "empty" is the strength of the suction eye, the following Xiaobian a look at Chengdu double marathon!


3 27, Chengdu double marathon in Dujiangyan successful conclusion. The Chengdu double left marathon is held in Chengdu in 1986 after the international marathon marathon race, but also the largest in the western region, the largest number of events. Attracted a total of more than 3 domestic and foreign runners to participate in the competition. Kibet from Kenya won the Marathon Championship, and the women’s champion is Mongolia’s Mongolia quesa sub · gbaya tesuo lattice obtained.


the tournament starting point from Dujiangyan Phoenix stadium, ran between the world cultural heritage — Dujiangyan, Qingchengshan and the world natural heritage of giant panda habitat in Sichuan, with the marathon theme with travel shoes. The track series from the Xuanhua gate, South Bridge, Feisha weir, fish mouth, Qingchengshan Jianfu palace, Xiong Maogu and other 4 rivers across the places of historic interest and scenic beauty. Players will approach 5 ramps, the 18 corners, the rape flower field of 10 kilometers long, next to the track are everywhere scenery.


Dujiangyan municipal Party committee secretary Zhang Yusong

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