Traditional financial industry in the transition process should do a good job of risk control

traditional financial industry are trying to transition, but the transition is not a word you can solve things, to the person in charge of the enterprise according to the characteristics of the development of enterprises to do every step, although the Internet financial transparency and efficiency but is not for you to do all the preparatory work.

in Baicheng is a focus on "micro finance P2P service" innovative and professional financial services institutions. Since its inception in July 2011 has been doing traditional financial services. In the net loan has not yet appeared before, the threshold of high-yield financial institutions, ordinary people can not touch, and now the Internet financial products provide low threshold, low cost, high level of profitability of financial products. Baicheng conform to the trend of this year, the overall layout of the online P2P business.

so traditional financial companies how to transform the P2P net loan? Zhongrong Baicheng chairman Li Baicheng said that in recent years the rapid rise of Internet banking, has posed a challenge to the traditional financial enterprises, more opportunities. Baicheng do traditional finance started online under the accumulation of a large number of users, the company through the line promotion to let customers know about the Internet financial convenience, cultivate online investment habits of investors, while the focus and goal of the work release.

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