Moon cake ten brands list

talking about China’s traditional festivals, the Dragon Boat Festival and Mid Autumn Festival is not natural, and talking about the traditional holiday gifts, dumplings and moon cake is definitely ranked. Because of this, our country will have a lot of moon cake brand. Next, let Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of moon cake list, so that we are more familiar with China’s moon cake industry.

moon cake is a prestigious Chinese traditional snacks, loved by the people China. The moon cake is round and round, and the family to eat, a symbol of reunion harmony, in the Mid Autumn Festival is the day will eat the product. The ancient moon cake is the food in the Mid Autumn Festival as a sacrifice. It is said that the custom of eating moon cakes on the mid autumn festival began in the Tang dynasty.

when the Northern Song Dynasty, popular in the court, but also spread to people, then known as the "cake" and "group". Development to the Ming Dynasty has become a common dietary habits. Today, the variety is more diverse, different flavors. One of the Cantonese style, Beijing style, Soviet style, Chao style, Yunnan style moon cake by the people of all over the north and south of China love.

moon cake stuffing the seeds of plant material, such as walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, melon seeds, hawthorn, lotus seed, red bean, jujube paste etc, have certain effect on human health. Following together with the small series to see the 2016 Chinese moon cake brand list of the top ten.

moon cake ten brands list: NO.1 Huamei (PRWeb began in 1991, ten Cake Bakery brands, domestic food baking industry leader, well-known enterprises, moon cake industry of Dongguan Huamei Food Co. Ltd.)

moon cake ten brands list NO.2: Moon Cake Festival (founded in 1956, one of the larger, Hongkong food group popular cake brand, a large diversified catering group company, food (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd.)

moon cake ten brands list: NO.3 WINGWAH (Yuen splendor in Yuen splendor restaurant, Hongkong famous catering group, on behalf of Hongkong, cantonese moon cake with lotus paste moon cake is known, Dongguan ronghua cake Co. Ltd)

moon cake ten brands list Ganso (NO.4:GANSO in 1980 in Taiwan, professional design and making cakes cakes food enterprises, enjoy the exquisite gift by endorsement of " " the title, Shanghai Ganso dreams fruit Limited by Share Ltd)

moon cake ten brands list: NO.5 An Qi (a typical representative of Cantonese style moon cake production techniques in the non-material cultural heritage of Guangdong Province, mooncake industry standard drafting one of the units, Shenzhen An Qi Food Co., Ltd.)


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