Wedding photography is a profiteering industry

speaking of wedding photography, a lot of people think marriage is a not to be less steps and more in people’s eyes, this is also a real industry profits, if operating properly, making money is very easy thing. So, wedding photography is a profiteering industry?

wedding photography from the beginning of 1992 in the mainland, 94 years began to appear a large number of wedding photography shop. In a short span of 20 years, a luxury has become a necessity for marriage. Life only once, so that the idea of the wedding market as a profiteering industry, profiteering.

With the rapid growth of China’s economy and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, wedding photography has been more and more widely concerned by the majority of young people and enthusiastic participation in

. There are about 10 million couples married Chinese each year, only the town at the wedding consumption reached 418 billion 300 million yuan RMB, the wedding photography in the whole wedding expenditure ratio is about 15%.

Chinese about 45 of thousands of wedding photo studio, photography, photo service and photography studio, nearly 5 million related industry personnel, China wedding photography has become one of the most promising industries nowadays, and the competition and opportunities. Compared with the wedding, wedding and other wedding wedding photography project, the larger profit margins, profit rate of 30%-40%.

up to now, the national large-scale wedding photography business turnover of more than 20 million yuan, medium-sized enterprises 800-2000 million, and some large enterprises annual turnover of more than $50 million. At present, all kinds of portrait photography enterprises have reached more than 450 thousand, employing a total of about 6000000 people, with an annual turnover of $about 90000000000. Profit analysis:

Manual: 567 yuan

Chief Photographer

studio of the highest level, a monthly salary of 8000 yuan. The so-called Taiwan photographers, in fact, is followed by a senior photographer to learn the ordinary photographer, no customer really will verify their identity.

photography assistant salary is much lower, about 2000 yuan monthly salary. Makeup artist monthly salary of 4000 yuan in general, has been regarded as high-end. Designers, skilled, a monthly salary of about 3000 yuan.

these four personal monthly salary is $17000, even if the four people are one to one service, only a couple of people a day, in fact, this is basically impossible. Then 30 days a month, each pair of labor costs are $567.

clothing: 200 yuan

studio to increase the variety of new products, fine and noble dress, once at least one hundred or two hundred dollars, but to buy these clothes.

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