Yuncheng how to prevent the spread of pollution into the crude benzol

serious environmental pollution is a threat to our health, so we should deal with the pollution in our life. Reporters from Shanxi province 1· Xinjiang county "; 18" traffic accident rescue headquarters was informed that 18, 9 am, located in Shanxi Province, Xinjiang County town Sanlin Fenhe River Bridge, a car loaded with about 25 tons of crude benzol truck fall after the traffic accident occurrence traces of Fenhe River, crude benzene leak, the relevant departments have an emergency the Fen River water sample testing.

1 18 day at 9:23 in the morning, Xinjiang County Public Security Bureau received a report, a truck and a bus in Sanlin Town Fenhe bridge truck collided, fell into the river. After verification, the drowning truck identified two people, after firefighters rescue, killed two passengers have been salvaged, the truck was carrying a cargo of Crude Benzol, loading 25 tons, the tank is not broken, trace leakage, water pollution has been sampled, checking analysis. The Fen River water flow of about 20 cubic meters / sec.

Shanxi how to prevent the spread of pollution into the benzene? Through the introduction of the article, we learned that after the accident, the city government immediately launched the emergency plan, and the establishment of on-site command, organization and guidance of accident disposal. To slow the spread of pollution, the government departments in the upstream and downstream of 50 meters, scene 20 mechanical digging diversion channel, bypassing the pollution, completely cut off from the source of pollution, and accidents of tank lifting down cans, prevent further leakage. In addition, in the lower reaches of the Fenhe River, Xinjiang, Jishan, Hejin, Wanrong 4 counties has been built on activated carbon adsorption to prevent the spread of pollution interception dam.

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