Daohuaxiang actively create the most promising entrepreneurial services

entrepreneurial services is a hot word innovation and entrepreneurship in 2016, the emergence of entrepreneurial hot words, it represents the trend of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial service industry is also one of the top ten prospects in the industry in 2016. "13th Five-Year" period, Cai Hongzhu said Daohuaxiang is to create the most promising entrepreneurial services "".

"13th Five-Year" in the first year, Daohuaxiang group is in the "four new" strategy for the lead, to further accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading, and constantly enhance their core competitiveness, seize the opportunity, innovation, in the country set off a new storm Daohuaxiang, shaping a new image of Daohuaxiang, set up the new consumer confidence, create brilliant new Daohuaxiang and with greater confidence and determination to create a more brilliant career Daohuaxiang new!



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