3 ways to start empty handed the rapid growth of the company

business is very difficult, especially the start empty-handed entrepreneurs will encounter many problems, the following story to which people struggle in the entrepreneurial road some incentive.

  DaveKerpen is an American Series entrepreneur, he recently created an enterprise, LikeableLocal was very lucky to get the attention of investors. However, when he founded the first company, LikeableMedia, he also suffered a crisis, which also makes it difficult for him to raise funds. In the past 6 years, LikeableMedia has grown by more than $6000%, and has been listed on the top of the top 500 U.S. SMEs in the past two years.

DaveKerpen shared his and his co-founder, his wife from the 3 lessons learned and how to start empty-handed, in the absence of foreign capital under the condition of rapid growth.

1. success of your sales in the early stage of LikeableMedia, DaveKerpen and his wife in order to sell and potential customers, participate in the call, just as they had in the early years of Disney in sales to do the same. They call their contacts to find out what they think. They ask those who have trusted them to give them the opportunity to sell a service that does not exist.


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