Zhang Meihua why business is still very popular after the shop

a lot of shopkeepers very hard, in order to be able to shop in various special festivals when business can be hot, once the festival is over, the store will run down. After the Zhang Meihua operating supermarket is located in Suining County Pei Gu Pei Pei Sui road street intersection, the Spring Festival, I found her shop when people such as weaving visited the market, business is hot.

this unscientific ah, after the Spring Festival, is not the most light of a season? Zhang Meihua’s business so good? Wait for a long time, I finally found a gap, and chatted with Zhang Meihua. When asked about his holiday business why hot when Zhang Meihua talks to speak their business experience, it is plain: grasping opportunities, to create a good business after

Zhang Meihua said that since the Spring Festival, during the festival the popular business gradually insipid, according to the truth, after the Spring Festival this year, the busiest, most heart trouble of God we lingshouhu the solar term, tidy up your mood, rest, ready to start again. But let’s shop to do business, to make money, now the economic slowdown, so in my opinion, should not "bury the hatchet, Ma Fang", but "Mo Li Bing Ma", seize the "holiday" tail, looking for business opportunities in the plain, and then make a fortune. Zhang Meihua mining business opportunities are: seize the city back to the consumer boom

Zhang Meihua said, according to her experience, as long as there is a business opportunity, as long as there is business opportunities, and business will bring business, this is a virtuous cycle. Before the Spring Festival, a large number of migrant workers returning home for Spring Festival in the reading, the crowds brought opportunities, and the Spring Festival, the group will also along with the change of the festival to return to the city, in the eyes of the person unintentionally, this is the transfer of consumer groups, this is the business goes on, however, Zhang Meihua think, there is also there are business opportunities. Opportunity comes from the desire to buy back the city crowd.

in order to seize the opportunities, meet their desire to buy, in the course of business before, Zhang Meihua is careful attention, foreshadowing. When the Spring Festival, each return new year consumers to the store, she would go and talk with them in a few words, closer to the feelings, but also understand that they are migrant workers? Or work in the field of returning home for Spring Festival, reading or return the holidays in the field, and through communication, understand their original work, work, learn, understand that they are driving their own back, or coach back, or do the train back, and to understand their itinerary, and one reserved for mobile phone with WeChat number, mutual friends, and then Zhang Meihua put the information to be arranged, for later use.

Spring Festival, Zhang Meihua will give according to the reserved telephone number, micro signal to her these potential consumer groups one by one to wish message, after the Spring Festival, Zhang Meihua according to statistics on records of different consumers return vehicle.

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