Operators need to understand the customer needs

restaurant operators want to do a good job in the business needs of the local market what is the demand for consumer groups. If you want to know how to do a good job in the investigation, then hurry up with Xiaobian look at it, we hope to solve the business problems for you.


information store catering franchise to operate? To study the operating characteristics, the development of flavor restaurant from the statistics in recent years, the five star hotel business, profit is relatively good, but the low star hotel, Econo Hotel, as community restaurants, for middle and low consumer groups, business performance is also good. The main difficulty is the three or four star hotel. In the business is often not high, not low, indecisive, lost a large number of tourists. For now the catering market and catering join join information consumption level information characteristics, adhere to the reality from the hotel, restaurant or try to develop some restaurants, to meet the different needs of consumers, can bring a large number of new customers.

is a "gourmet family", the level of people know how to eat, they walked into the restaurant’s purpose is to taste food or specialty dishes. They pay attention to the fine and delicate, taste is the color, aroma, taste, shape, device.

two is a novelty group, this group of mostly young people, their food quality is not very important, important is to eat fresh or not, especially foreign dishes and the high streets and back lanes "odd" small restaurants, but their access to most places.

three is the "affordable family", which is a huge group, by the majority of ordinary citizens together. They choose the restaurant standard is relatively simple, as long as the environment clean, affordable, you can taste the dishes. Different levels of consumers in the selection of restaurants when the focus is not the same, which requires the hotel in the restaurant should pay attention to the different grades, different styles and characteristics of the layout, to meet the needs of different consumers.

food and Beverage Stores operators need to understand the needs of customers can do investment business, if you want to do business just analysis of several consumers about above mentioned requirements, can not miss this rich good business opportunities, we are waiting for you to contact.

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