Successful home glasses shop decoration is very important


shop again good, even with the best products, but if the shop renovation work is not done, it is difficult to give consumers a good impression, this shop want to do more for a long time will be difficult. Therefore, the successful opening of the glasses shop, decoration is very important.

glasses shops and restaurants, customers come not only to buy goods, but also to enjoy the service. A good glasses shop, decoration is often a prerequisite to attract customers to visit. A Business Flourishes glasses shop does not have to be richly decorated, but must highlight their own characteristics.

glasses shop as a "semi semi medical special industry business", has its unique requirements in the decoration, not only to carry medical spectacle corrected visual acuity, but also follow the trend of the commercial atmosphere, but also carrying the culture of special glasses, which determines the unique design of the glasses shop. The overall design of the optical shop usually includes the hall, service desk, optometry room, room 4 glasses, let alone to explain.

1, hall

hall is to show the most basic and most realistic part of the guests, all kinds of glasses are displayed here to the customer, so here is very important to the quality of decoration, but also to enhance the value of an optical shop protection. Hall for lighting, color, the use of the mirror is very important, the general optical shops are using white light, in order to reveal the texture of the glasses, the light can also reflect a more comfortable shopping atmosphere.

but should not be too bright, at the same time in the shop head, ceiling, counters should be considered to meet the requirements of the installation of lighting equipment. In the collocation of color, light colored glasses with dark blue background, dark glasses with white to show, are more in line with the cultural consumption of the mood can also feel the glasses of the color and texture of the alternative. At the same time, the use of the mirror is also very important, can give people the illusion of spacious store, to bright and widen the vision effect.

2, service desk

glasses shop service desk to have a light cultural atmosphere, to give customers a different kind of warmth, but also to provide warm service.

3, optometry room

glasses shop optometry room generally do not have special requirements, but must have enough length, visual inspection must be at least 5 meters, enough by placing a plane mirror to ensure that, at the same time are advised to use indirect optometry room light, air circulation, clean and quiet.



glasses glasses store room with a lot of precision instruments and accessories, disinfection pool, so usually decoration price is high, pay attention to the instrument.

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