Retail stores in July what to do

though it is cold unbearable, but for the recent past July, many shopkeepers also has a very deep impression, because it is really the scorching heat. In July, the heat is unbearable, people in addition to home necessities, most do not want to go out shopping. As a retail store owner, into a passive initiative, the store outside the shop together efforts to increase publicity and quality services, I believe in the off-season can usher in a better performance, the following points for peer learning:

staff training is the key


store, perhaps a couple stores, perhaps hire some employees, whether we own or store employees are related to the long-term development of the store, every time, the clerk should be professional business training, consolidate the successful experience of the previous study, recent trends in the retail industry.

the purpose of our study is to better sales clerk, first of all should each item for learning basic information store, only their own master certain professional knowledge, have the ability to promote the store of goods for customers. Take our local Taishan tobacco, each of the Taishan tobacco brand culture, product Taishan, Paul peace! Taishan brand is never the same slogan.

followed by the positioning of consumer groups, to actively guide customers to buy our goods. Do not get used to nature, the customer recognized a cigarette, it will always be allowed to buy only one cigarette. In case of such a cigarette out of stock and so on, allowing customers to try other brands of cigarettes at the same price. Communicate with the customer to be sincere, warm, only to allow customers to feel the enthusiasm of our services, we will be able to promote the success of the higher the probability of goods.

nip in the bud, the rainy season to prepare in advance

in July each year, in addition to the hot temperature, the weather has fluctuated, sometimes the sun hot, sometimes It is raining cats and dogs. Company boss Lee, in the rainy season when the shop due to the lack of prevention, before the Road shop It is raining cats and dogs., flood rushing, flood at the store, store display lower commodity losses. Some time to transport goods by different degree of immersion, especially the pasta based cigarette, small food, this commodity is moisture-proof, a little attention, will damp affect sales again, that can not be normal sale.

so, in the rain, we should regularly check the store house before the drainage pipe is blocked, whether dredging, cleaning pipeline residual waste timely, good protection during the rainy season of.

showers, come fast, go too fast. When the rain comes, it may have to store shopping consumers, if they are driving or riding, we will definitely be docked in front of the shop, at this time, we should promptly put the customer traffic tools to the shelter area, can also be.

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