The third Roasted Duck stores introduced Qin burst

roast duck in the food and beverage industry has always been a market, consumer demand is also high, the market has some of the old brand project has become the people’s daily consumption habits, the small series that roast duck is one of them. Qin third explosion was launched by Chinese restaurant Roasted Duck headquarters of a product, a Chinese restaurant, now based in Ji’nan city shop. Shandong city of Jining province Wenshang County branch of the Chinese restaurant.

in recent years, Qin third burst Roasted Duck successively in the country has opened many City franchise stores, north to the northeast, West to Chengdu, South to Wuhan, Fujian and other places, business is very hot, every one by the masses, a number of media reports are all highly rated.

is now more popular a kind of duck to eat, smell special, cheap. Like pepper, anise, and angelica, cooking wine, there are so many people come to take care of " ". At the workshop without any special equipment: a few chest high plastic barrels, with each pound of heavy duck, master from time to time from two high temperature sealed pot of fish (cooked duck, duck appears to be fried again cooked), after asking to know, the duck is fragrance the medicine is a special soup soaked, it is said that this soup specially patented formula.

Chanzui duck currently in the country has opened more than and 300 stores, the special flavor, really greedy " " a lot of falling around the old.

in the gluttonous duck cooked meat market with traditional products such as Roasted Chicken, Chicken in Brown Sauce, Roasted Duck and sauced pig, cattle and sheep products, the lack of new varieties of food cooked meat fork. Due to the invention of clever use of new food additives, so that the market is characterized by the fragrance of the appetite and seize the consumer’s desire to buy. Plus some commercial speculation, and the franchisees do not understand the defects of food additives, ingredients in packaging not only numbered more details to create a sense of mystery, so that ordinary processors could not understand, even some years have been engaged in food processing people can not easily change the ingredients. Users can according to master by " " learned that " stunt " making Chanzui duck, without any innovation ability.

such a good roast duck brand if you want to open a, then contact us quickly, it is more information to wait for you to get to know.

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