BMW Audi racing collided because anger will bear criminal responsibility

by mutual dislike, two BMW Audi in Guangzhou airport high speed racing collided, killing one person and injured two car damage. Guangzhou police are still investigating the details of the accident occurred.

2015 on November 21st at 13:25 PM, two car at the airport expressway (and Pingsha mussels Lake section) collision caused by Tu Moumou injured and two vehicles damaged in traffic accidents. After investigation, the suspect painted Moumou, Moumou driving on the highway in front of the accident to chase competing driving, resulting in traffic accidents, the situation is bad, two people’s behavior has constituted the crime of dangerous driving. Currently, the two suspects have been under criminal detention by the public security organs, the case is still under investigation.

2015 in November 21st, about 13:25, Guangzhou police received a report from the masses, said the 18 km high-speed airport at +622 in the South (between pincha with a clam Lake) two car collision accidents, including a car driver trapped in the car, the road leading to slow traffic. After receiving the report, Guangzhou police quickly went to the scene for disposal.

"from the traces of the scene of the accident and the accident vehicle collision marks, two car collision speed should not slow." Guangzhou Police Investigation Brigade Officer Lin introduced, traces of collision of general traffic accidents should be around in the vicinity of vehicle collision, but the accident in which a damaged car roof that there are a lot of new scratch marks, this is not normal.

The police deal with the accident scene

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