n the purchase of goods also need to be cautious

is now a lot of people for the purchase of goods may not be enough to understand, perhaps the development of the market is not familiar with, in short, the choice of goods is not careful enough. Especially some seasonal goods, many people will choose to purchase a lot. In fact, seasonal goods is a certain limitation, in the sales season, the situation is excellent, but after the season, some became the "burden No one shows any interest in sales".

sometimes, although the season to earn a lot, but in order to deal with these obsolete goods, inventory account, sometimes at a loss. So, in order to reduce the purchase cost, seasonal goods in the purchase should be careful to do this while maintaining stability, good cost control, success.

08 years before the Mid Autumn Festival lunar new year in August 14th, our stock, candy and cake factory salesman on-site inspection of moon cakes, with a lot of moon cake, moon cake sales should be said that there are two days of the gold sales time, while the clerk was brought to send moon cake prices cheaper than the price several times before the. But then I analysis, although the moon cake sales prices and in previous years almost, but moon cakes at home these days sales is not how prosperous, with less than two days, no matter how red, can bring home inventory sales end is good.

at that time my wife saw the price is low, would like to seek cheap, and then into the two boxes, I still insist on not buying. Later, I told her, at that point, the merchants of the prices are down, sales in other places of the downturn, but the seasonal goods, a mid autumn festival, people will not want this thing, and have a short shelf life, business and do not return, this price also shows that businesses in dealing with inventory.

later, as I pointed out, is the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake sales is not good, but because my family did not only replenishment, digest inventory supply, therefore, not only is not in stock, but also earn a lot. This street some retail customers, cheaper, not spotted the market trend, the accumulation of a lot of goods in the hand, not only increases the cost of the backlog, also faces the risk management of these goods to a loss.

so, for these seasonal and seasonal goods, I summed up the "pre stocking, mid late sales, inventory digestion" such purchase experience. That is to say, in the pre holiday season or, to the availability of supply, not the goal, it will not only affect the sales risk, but also bring the merchandise in stock. And in the hands of a substantial source of supply, on the one hand, the hands of grain, the heart does not panic, on the one hand, you can also observe the changes in market sales.

is the use of advanced imported mid sales inventory sales activities, owing to abundant supply, solve the out of stock that can catch the menace from the rear, undivided attention sales, because in this period.

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