Campus safety has become the first lesson of learning in Guangzhou

is now in Guangzhou, the university gradually ushered in the school, the children return to school, what is their first lesson? In order to satisfy your curiosity, let’s go and have a look In fact, the campus security affects everyone’s eyes, we all hope that their children can be safe in the school, so that more people optimistic.

in the scene, the opening ceremony, the school class, classroom lectures, science, and other ways to start emergency evacuation drills. The safety education courses to the students, close to life, close to reality, excavate students’ previous life experience and emotional experience, to find the relevant teaching material from the actual life and social practice, pays attention to selecting students and focus on common security issues as willing to exchange teaching content. Through the discussion of these problems, we can help the students to master the relevant safety knowledge and methods, and apply them to the practice of life.

how to avoid security education into a mere formality, Guangzhou six high school (three) class teacher Guo Zijian think, the key is to let the students have a sense of security. Through the simulation of the scene, through the actual situation, let everyone know what is the right thing to do, let him (students) experience in the real scene, are much better than scripted. Usually students and exchange of news events, in the classroom, we are not only in the classroom, to put their eyes outside the classroom."

is not kindergarten children, or high school students, the campus safety related to people’s life and health, so as the people closest to the students, the teacher has the obligation as campus safety publicity, so generally enhance the safety awareness in the hope that every child has a happy, happy childhood, let the campus violence from them.

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