The dream of innovation and Entrepreneurship from Ali rivers Xiamen business base set sail

good business platform is very important for entrepreneurs, Ali rivers (Xiamen) provides a very good platform for innovation in the business base for more entrepreneurs, the service extended to entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in three areas.

red curtain was peeled off, the bronze "Ali rivers (Xiamen) entrepreneurial base" several characters show in front of us. Ali rivers (Xiamen) business base officially opened enabled, will not only attract more entrepreneurs eyes, will also break the "entrepreneurs" line, will be extended to serve the people of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in three areas.

1, dream incubation base officially opened

the sun poured into the 1172 square meters of office space, the Alibaba was filled with orange mark the main color space added a bit of warmth.

3 4 afternoon, accompanied by Vice Mayor of Xiamen Siming District Wu Qirong Ali rivers senior operations experts, Cheng Yuan Aite public record CEO Yao Jincheng, came to the software park two expected Road No. 31 Lou Siming maxspace Development Center five floor, visit the sea base. 144 independent stations lined, office equipment are ready. In an office, Xiamen creative agency Technology Co. Ltd’s T agency entrepreneurial team has been assigned.

T, co-founder of agency yang to visit the leaders and guests introduced the content and the concept of entrepreneurial team: "we are a T-shirt to raise public platform, sponsors can design T-shirts, launched to raise the public, low cost to promote their brands to the fans. Supporters can participate in all the chips, with practical action to support their favorite groups or individuals." Listening to the briefing, Wu Qirong smiled and said: "Xiamen’s environment is very conducive to the development of the fashion industry, content to flow conversion is a new business, to firmly rely on Ali tree tree, " " development."

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