Urumqi to promote the implementation of micro credit policy independent entrepreneurs

The emergence of

microfinance, indeed for the majority of small entrepreneurs have brought a rare gospel. Urumqi’s microfinance policy has achieved good results in the past few years, a lot of money strapped round the dream of self-help entrepreneurs.

"Tashan barbecue", in the tower of Urumqi mountain park near Ann Jia Liu, now has been a minor celebrity. At the end of August this year, palm Urumqi where to eat barbecue festival held the first PK tournament, and its more than and 100 grill competition, in the "most popular barbecue" vote in the first place. The boss is Dai Wei and Hao Mingzhong couple, they said, now have become small, there is a "loan" to the.

2009, the store opened. At that time the funds are raised, the business situation has not yet opened, the couple have a lot of pressure. Urumqi city seven spinning area administrative committee staff in the spring community into the store home verification information, to understand their specific situations, have to explain to them the government subsidized microfinance loan policy, flexible employment and social insurance subsidies.

2012, the couple wanted to expand the store, but the funds on hand tight, under the guidance of community staff, the couple to 80 thousand yuan for small loans, store operating area less than 300 square meters to nearly 700 square meters from before. The business is getting better and better, in 2013, the couple paid off the loan in advance.

2014 at the beginning of the new year, the couple wanted to re decoration store, but also facing financial pressure. With a good reputation owing on the loan to two times, they apply for a loan of 100 thousand yuan, so the government subsidized.

microfinance is almost exclusively for small entrepreneurs tailored by the credibility of the government for small entrepreneurs discount, to encourage more people to participate in the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship to achieve sustained economic healthy development.

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