Newbie guide stall need what equipment

many people said: "I will also set up a stall, spread a cloth on the ground, put things up is not on the line!" It’s not that simple. To smooth stall, first of all to have complete equipment. Then, a street vendor need what equipment? Now small to introduce the equipment needed to stall.

stall stall cloth: what equipment? Sheets are not, but waterproof cloth is the best choice.

A: baidenan need what equipment? Change in hand is always not very good, with the purse is safe and convenient.

: banknote pen stall need what equipment? Banknote pen, indispensable.

removable shelves: if you sell clothing, the best preparation for a, so that customers can choose to stand. For some customers, squatting on the side of the road to buy things is an insurmountable psychological barriers.


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