Xining City the implementation of the views of many initiatives to support the development of Tibet

From October 28th, the Xining Municipal Office of the news, in order to make the traditional Chinese medicine in Tibetan medicine benefiting the masses, Xining city issued "opinions" on further support and promote the development of Tibetan medicine, the innovation service model, encourage multiple investment and market cultivation, maintain and carry forward the characteristics and advantages of Tibetan medicine to speed up the development of the pharmaceutical industry, in tibet. Strive to "13th Five-Year" period, will focus on the characteristics of Tibetan medicine massage, acupuncture and physiotherapy rehabilitation, diabetes specialist (the disease) in the construction of key specialty become prominent features, obvious curative effect, the satisfaction of the masses.

for the community health service station is equipped with necessary facilities and in Tibetan Medicine

encourages the establishment of clinics or individual practice in Tibetan Medicine

will increase the city’s two public hospitals in the Tibetan Tibetan medicine hospital construction investment, infrastructure support, improve the hospital environment and equipment condition. The use of information technology platform to promote the construction of Tibetan medicine standardization and optimize medical service process, and gradually establish and develop Tibetan region population health service database. Encourage social capital to enter the field of Tibetan medicine services. Perfect the Medical Association, formed by the city and county (District) level public hospital in Tibetan medicine as a leader, to the general hospital in Tibetan medicine as the key force in urban and rural grassroots in Tibetan medicine service network as the foundation, mechanism of Tibetan medicine held by social forces as supplement, Tibetan medicine service network built, covering medical the prevention, care, rehabilitation and other function. Improve the access mechanism, and encourage qualified personnel in Tibetan medicine especially in Tibetan medicine opened in Tibetan medicine clinics or individual practice, promoting the Tibetan doctor into the community, allowing doctors Zuozhen, drug retail enterprises meet the conditions of the host in Tibetan medicine clinic visits, encourage qualified physicians to provide health advice in health care institutions and conditioning other services.

provide support for inheritance

to continue to carry out in Tibetan experts academic experience inheritance, the selection of a number of outstanding talents and establish long-term oriented learning, a learning system with normal Tibetan inheritance. The establishment of Tibetan medicine intermediate and high talent reserve team, every 3 to 5 years in the public medical institutions to carry out a name in Tibetan medicine selection work in the establishment of Tibetan medicine research and development studio, and summarizes in Tibetan medicine academic thought and clinical experience and actively promote. On the selection of public medical institutions in the name of "in Tibetan medicine experts;

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