Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police inspector video monitoring center started running

at the beginning of the new year in 2011, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau police supervision video surveillance center officially launched.

Police inspector

video monitoring center is one of the key projects in 2010 the construction of informatization in Xining City Public Security Bureau, the information and the network as the carrier, give full play to the functions of police inspector, security service of public security work and team building, to create a good environment foundation for strengthening the police with science and technology and standardization of Public Security Bureau of Xining city law enforcement work.

monitoring center in the public security network as the basis, a total investment of more than 500 yuan, real-time monitoring of nearly 269 monitoring points in 118 places in three counties of existing interrogation of the city’s seven district public security organs and the police detachment, the traffic police detachment, the traffic security bureau has completed the each monitoring point using DVR local storage, encoding after the public security network bandwidth to each branch two level monitoring center for streaming media transmission and video backup storage, and then use the sub County Bureau of public security network streaming media server forwarding the video transmission to the Council video monitoring center, decoding LCD TV wall display through the network VGA digital matrix.

Police inspector

video monitoring center not only conforms to the objective requirements of the public security informationization development, revitalize the public security information resources available, and break the traditional mode of supervision, realized by static to dynamic real-time post inspectors inspectors breakthrough, improve the inspector work universality, timeliness and accuracy, play the supervision the important role, to further standardize the law enforcement behavior, improve the quality of service.


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