To celebrate the 38 Mountain West family talent contest

the afternoon of March 5th, the 14 "wondrous" family gathered in the west area of culture and Art Center, all ready for a showdown "eager for a fight.". It turned out that in order to meet the upcoming "38" women’s day, west district is carrying out a national unity and progress to create a harmonious family, family talent competition.

"I and my country, a moment can not be split. Wherever I go, there is a song of praise……" A song "I and my motherland" opened the prelude to the game. Subsequently, the guitar accompaniment of "wild lily in the spring", "the Kangding Tibetan Dance yo yo love", hand talent show one by the performer Zibianziyan wonderful program turns the stage, each participating family, full of pride now singing, now dancing in various forms, expressed a sense of joy and love of family and life; in ethnic and religious knowledge interaction process, have the audience eager to answer, make the game atmosphere warm, the musical "Rhyme" is the climax of the game. The whole game is permeated with a strong festive atmosphere, for the majority of women in the area sent a sumptuous cultural feast. It is worth mentioning that, by virtue of the game, west district is also dedicated to the scene of the 20 civilized and harmonious family awarded medals on behalf of.

it is understood that, in order to further improve the family civilization, promote the harmonious development of family and society, the west area to "harmony civilized family" created as the carrier, in the area to carry out the "harmonious civilized family" rating activities. Since the activities carried out in the area of the majority of the family’s active cooperation and enthusiastic participation, the emergence of a large number of distinctive characteristics of a harmonious and civilized family". In recognition of advanced, decided to establish a typical West District awarded the "civilized and harmonious family" title for Zhang Shengcai and other 100 families, in order to encourage more families to advanced as an example, to build a beautiful family and happiness in the future.


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