Wind hotline Sina micro blog open

to build more communication platform, to provide a more convenient way of communication for the general public, "Xining evening wind hotline" Sina micro-blog officially opened, expect friends to join the interaction.

over the years, "Xining evening wind hotline column around the municipal government center, closely related to the production and living of the masses of education, social security, environmental protection, health care, social security and other hot issues of concern to the masses, the masses in the problem of non trivial attitude, can timely contact the relevant units of coordination and communication for each problem to reflect, through this hotline, so that people living in difficult things with one tube, hard feelings being heard, urging the problem solved.

"Xining evening wind hotline" Sina micro-blog is fully opened, the combination of print media and network media, enhance the interaction between the "Xining Evening News" with the readers and users, an important channel to listen to the voice of the masses, the understanding of public opinion, is inviting admonition, "Xining Evening News" attaches great importance to network public opinion, new initiatives let the masses of people to actively participate in the evening, it makes a more difficult thing people obtain information and clues in the channel.

we believe that through the government departments, the Xining evening news and the common people, the people will be resolved as soon as possible, so that the industry sector to better perform their duties to make our society more harmonious. "Xining evening wind hotline" Sina micro-blog: Reporter Jianwen


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